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As of now that mostly means having a custom firmware installed. The list of compatible games can be seen here: - An USB drive. After having plugged the USB drive to you PS3, the installation package should appear in the XMB under the "Games Scumm VM" XMB entry which is to be used to launch Scumm VM.

Obtaining and installing such a software is out of the scope of this document. Installing ========== From a computer, download the installable package of the PS3 port from Scumm VM's main site. Configuring and playing games ============================= The user manual describes how to add games to Scumm VM and launch them : Play Station 3 Specifics ======================= Games can be launched either from an USB drive or from the internal hard drive.

This release fixes a few issues and seeks to provide a better experience to newcomers.

To this end, gimx-launcher will now display explicit messages for most common errors, as well as possible causes. This is release adds the possibility to invert direction of force feedback effects.

A quick overview of its features: - Playback of video (mkv, mpg, mp4, divx, etc.) and audio files - .srt, txt and (Microdvd) subtitles support - Per-file and per-folder settings - Javascript plugins - Unified search - View photos and images in slideshow mode - Live TV streaming from Tvheadend - Icecast/Shoutcast radio streaming - Navi-X, You Tube, Opensubtitles integration - FTP Server, NTFS support, Temperature monitor - FTP client support (Stream content directly from FTP servers) - Custom background (via plugin) - Support for BIG5 character encoding, On Screen Keyboard layouts.

Always check hashes (they are listed for a reason on ps3devwiki)!

The internal hard drive has better performance though.

Scumm VM is an emulator for the PS3 and other platforms originally designed to play Lucas Arts adventure games that use the SCUMM system.is a free software that allows to use a computer as a hub for your gaming devices. It is compatible with Playstation® and Xbox® gaming consoles.The connection between the computer and the gaming console is performed using a USB adapter – get one on the GIMX shop! The capabilities depend on the platform, the connection method, and the gaming platform.It also supports a variety of non-SCUMM games by companies like Revolution Software and Adventure Soft.Prerequisites ============= - A homebrew enabled Play Station 3 console.

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And always remove media from the console (BDdrive, memorycards etc) to prevent it from updating THAT firmware PUP instead of the intended one on us B stick.

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